Violin Concerto (Sibelius)

The Sibelius Violin Concerto, like much of Sibelius’s best music, obliterates time’s forward flow and seems to present an ever shifting present. His music lets us experience the multi-dimensionality of time. We move forward in time but find we are only exploring a timeless present. Our normal time perception is a sense organ which allows us to peer into timelessness. Sometimes his processes seem to move backwards. Although his later music best exemplifies this unique time sense, it’s fascinating how he achieves this with the medium of the violin concerto where the long, spinning cadenza-like passages still manage a stasis of movement.

(Why do youtube comments, which I love to read, always end up in some kind of fight even when the subject is the Sibelius violin concerto?)

Christopher Nupen has made an excellent 2 part film about the music of Sibelius.


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