Anton Bruckner’s Locus Iste-follow the score on youtube

In contrast to his long and difficult symphonies in their many versions, Bruckner wrote very accessible choral music. This locus iste is simple and profound. The score reveals the beautiful voice leading. The simplest touches are magical like the places where only the basses sing on the first beat.

The harmony is masterful-the first phrase in c major but immediately moving to the dominant and then beautiful sequences initiated by the rising bass on “inaestimabile sacramentum”. The harmony on these words is quiet but mysterious-the G moves to Gmin-D9-A-C-Bmag-Emin. Then the last phraseirreprehensibilis est” B-Gmin-A-Fmin-G–back to  C  for a quiet  ending.   This is a great example of how a great master can  utilize basic triads to create the perfect blending  of words  and  pacing.


3 Responses to “Anton Bruckner’s Locus Iste-follow the score on youtube”

  1. bob sauerbrey Says:

    Marvelously done! The opportunity to be with the music and the score is truly a revelation!
    Again, thank you.

  2. ken d Says:

    It is marvelously done- by ” margotlorena” on youtube. I just stumbled across it and posted it here. This piece is sung by Corydon Singers.

    Check out youtube, there’s quite a bit of choral works with videos of the scores.

  3. Senior singer Says:

    What a gift! I was thinking of this motet when I woke up this morning and had a longing to hear it. sung it many years ago in a chamber choir in Austria. Thanks! Magdalene

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